The blow! TOP ATTORNEY OF ANDALUSIA TO GABRIEL AMAT, Mayor of Roquetas de Mar, President of the Provincial Council and President of the PP, Almeria.

To begin, consider necessary, expose a clarification or legal meaning, in this regard, of DECREE OF ATTORNEY REFERRAL issued by the TOP OF ANDALUSIA complaint because of the measure, before the prosecutor, by the Mediterranean Association of Anti-Corruption and Transparency (AMAyT) against the Mayor of Roquetas de Mar, President of the Council of Almería Excellency, President of the Partido Popular, D. Gabriel Amat Ayllon:
     The article 773 of the Criminal Procedure Act which regulates the Measures of Criminal Investigation provides in paragraph last “to cease their errands Attorney as soon as it has knowledge of the existence of legal proceedings on the same facts.”
I say that it is necessary to clarify this latter issue in order to avoid misinterpretation or “tort” as did, in his day, the local newspaper THE VOICE OF ALMERIA (better known as “El bellow”) and denied in another article Within days, by journalist, D. Miguel Prison, in the IDEAL newspaper in its edition of Almeria.EL MAZAZO

This file is necessary errands and enforceable to consider the report of the Judicial Police assigned to the Prosecutor’s Office of Andalusia, between the cause investigated and reported by (AMAyT) could exist “CAUSE RELATED” in whole or in part with the already judicialized or instructed by the magistrate No. One of Roquetas de Mar, following the KAISER MARGARITA cOMPLAINT. Consequently, if the Court, S.S th., Is investigating the cause NOBODY AUTOMATICALLY WITHOUT AUTHORIZATION REQUEST OF THE JUDGE OR INSTRUCTOR OR PROCESSES THE CRIMINAL CASE MAY BE WITH ANY TYPE OF RESEARCH in order not to interfere with the actions made from the Court. Which, as we shall see below, it can be deduced from the report itself Judicial Police, does not mean that the Measures of Research conducted by order ANDALUSIA TOP ATTORNEY be archived, THE OPPOSITE, and in spite of THE VOICE ALMERIA and D. AMAT GABRIEL AYLLÓN.
The cleanliness and transparency with which it has taken from THE TOP ATTORNEY from ANDALUSIA and Attached Unit of the Judicial Police, the entire research process AMAyT complaint made ​​against D. Gabriel Amat Ayllon, is beyond DOUBT, whatever its outcome.


      Organic Unit of the Judicial Police Prosecutor’s Office Attached to the Andalusian, provides, at least, performing a series of evidentiary proceedings that, in his view, would be necessary to undertake the investigation of the facts.

Senior Prosecutor Understands appropriate to refer the case to the Provincial Prosecutor of Almeria to carry out the necessary checks and act accordingly.

In any case, either assumed the entire investigation by the magistrate No. One of Roquetas de Mar or appropriate to the Provincial Prosecutor of Almería, as evidenced by the Judicial Police, CAN NOT DISCARDED THE EXISTENCE OF LIABILITY and given the complexity of the complaint, which lists more than one hundred companies and many resolutions of the Municipality of Roquetas de Mar, you should proceed with this research assignment to specialized units of the National Police, specifically units Research Economic and Financial Crimes.
Especially remember the Judicial Police high number COMPANY DIRECTLY OR INDIRECTLY RELATED TO THE REPORTED GABRIEL AYLLÓN AMAT (Mayor of Roquetas de Mar, President of the Provincial Council of Almería and President’s Party in this province) and the long period of time (about 17 years) in the description of the facts, so it is necessary to prepare a place in FIRST CORPORATE ORGANIZATION clarify the possible connections between them and between their members. Similarly considered necessary SCHEMES making INTERRELATION to be clearing the possible role played by each company to determine those that may be articulated with the specific purpose of preserving heritage and reduce the tax burden or those whose purpose would be to hide the true owners of property or rights and avoid taxes, ie companies owned or instrumental track. For all this, is specified, by the Judicial Police, it is essential to the support of the Central Organ of the National Police.
Other than as stated above, the Judicial Police understands and so does in its report, which should be practiced-at least-the following evidentiary procedures:

1. – Telematic Record Check, Registry, Land Registry and Notaries, and properties on the Cadastre.

2. – Making Heritage Reports of societies and persons appearing on a complaint. Similarly analysis of corporate relations and the composition of its members, as well as commercial relations detected and economic reports. Special, should analyze the possible existence of parties that figureheads functions, ie FILED people who mock hold position or doing business legal name before presenting his contract or relationship in order to hide the true identity of the holder of the right or right.

3. – Query the database and property records and combining rights with police intelligence efforts, in order to try the location of assets, either through ownership diffuse movements of capital gains or unjustified.

4. – In relation to the nature of alleged wrongdoing, developed in the urban area of the Municipality of Roquetas de Mar, would require the application and analysis of the General Urban Plan that are affected, and bound for study of the records individual mentioned in the complaint, which is related to improper conduct, licensing, etc..

5. – Request for HELP of GENERAL ADMINISTRATION TREASURY GENERAL STATE INTERVENTION, THE TREASURY GENERAL SOCIAL SECURITY, and any other public or private body which can provide information necessary for the investigation.amat oreja

It is clear that such measures should be based on a previous analysis to establish temporary, given the time, in some cases from the production of the facts, not operating guarantees the deadlines indicated in the arts Prescription. 131 and following of the Penal Code.
* Consequently, the prosecutor, agrees:

1. – Proceed to “FILE BY REFERENCE” Proceedings of the Criminal Investigation DECREE communicating this to the complainants and the accused GABRIEL AYLLÓN AMAT, sending a copy of this Decree and the Report of the Judicial Police Attached Unit Investigating Court Number ONE of Roquetas de Mar.

2. – Contact this DECREE also, pursuant to provisions of Article 25 of the Organic Statute of the prosecution, along with a copy of the REPORT Attached Unit of the Judicial Police and through careful craft, informed the TECHNICAL SECRETARIAT tHE STATE ATTORNEY GENERAL and SPECIAL PROSECUTION AGAINST CORRUPTION AND ORGANIZED CRIME.

3. – Refer to the Provincial Prosecutor of Almeria, copy of the complaint filed in this office, of this Decree and the police report and all the documentation that accompanied the first, for if it turned precise joining the cause followed in the Court of Instruction No. 1 Roquetas de Mar, in compliance with the provisions Jan. art. 773 of the Criminal Procedure Act, must carry out the necessary checks and valuing, once clarified the legal situation, the need to interest the competent court, the collection of evidence that have been proposed by the Judicial Police.

So, those, who are interested HANDLING INFORMATION DISTORTION having perfectly clear that we will not continue to allow, at least those who work at AMAyT, their tactics “And PELLEJERAS tort” which, therefore, are hurting the province ALMERIA, therefore, to be understood, to a large number of your readers.
The Prosecutor’s Office of Andalusia has perfect knowledge of what are our intentions and concerns and transmit it at the time, as we know that the Sr ª, Mrs. Margaret Kaiser did likewise the same.

We are aware, absolutely, possible and alleged “orchestral movements”, to the wise is sufficient!, This notice to “MARINERS” is addressed to them, “they” know exactly who I mean. Well, I can assure you, in a safe, there is a book, with name, of people and friends of senior officials (organizations and institutions, not only in our province) that could be, at any given time, more than committed if mentioned, “CHOP” come out into the open. I can assure and promise that, for now, it is not our intention at all, but … you have to be on the safe! Now, FROM A BAD COLD, trip STREET OR ATTEMPT TO UNDERMINE THE WORK OF JUSTICE, IN THIS CASE, this document, in the first instance, will the public and, in parallel, with all the evidence, including some that another recording, would be submitted to the competent judicial or prosecution.
I give my word of honor, it’s no bluff or threat, and who know me know perfectly well that I’m not and to show a button.

Where do you think we could start, in that case: Relatives of some who work in the Municipality of Roquetas de Mar, in all colors and related associations and “Santas Institutions” or prefer to start the Children of “Other illustrious “of” Santas Institutions “that takes succulent and Administration contract stating that this, perhaps, would be less important.

Then if they click on the following link, you will see the document “DECREE OF THE PROSECUTOR TOP OF ANDALUSIA”, entirely.


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